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Comenzi zilnic între de L - S intre orele 08:00-02:00 iar D intre orele 12:00 - 02:00 

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7.5 lei

toasted bread, humus (4 pieces=150g)

7.5 lei

toasted bread, zacusca=a cooked mix between eggplant, peppers, onion (4pieces=150g)

21 lei

Salami, ham, goat cheese, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, olives (400g)

7 lei

toasted bread, tomatoes, olive oil, basil (4pieces=150g)

12.5 lei

toasted bread, smoked salmon, butter (4pieces=150g)

18.5 lei

avocado, rosie, ceapa, verde, usturoi, condimente, lipie (150g/30g)

9.5 lei

toasted bread, butter, prosciutto, granna (4pieces=150g)